Diesel Generators Can Be Used in Many Industries

Diesel engines are preferred in automobiles because it provides higher mileage. Because of higher mileage, it is an obvious choice for heavy duty transportation and equipment. Many people prefer diesel when compared to gas because it has higher energy density, diesel fuel is heavier, oilier and has a higher boiling point when compared to gas. It is least flammable when compared to petrol, gas and other fuels. Requires less maintenance and can work for longer hours at a single stretch. Modern diesel generators have less noise. These types of generators are used in mining, telecommunications, marine, agriculture applications, hospitals, industrial plants and commercial buildings. These are available in single phase and three phase power generators.

In the present scenario, there are different types of diesel engine generators. They are divided into two: Small portable and larger industrial generators. Small portable diesel generators range from 1 kva to 10 kva. Large industrial generators range from 8 kva – 30kva for homes, small shops and offices. Large office complexes, factories and power stations require 2000 kva.

An ordinary diesel generator runs at the rate of 1800RPM and is water cooled. This type of generator can work for longer period of time and requires less maintenance when compared to gasoline generator. Diesel generators operate in a similar way as diesel engines. Diesel engines comprises of 2-stroke and 4-stroke operation. 4-stroke operation is used in diesel generators. Initial set up cost may be more when compared to other type of generators. It may not have a clean burning when compared to fuel generators. Diesel generators may require larger store of fuel but this is much safer to store than gasoline. The biggest plus point is savings in fuel and maintenance are immense and hassle free. That’s why many commercial generators users opt for portable diesel generators.

Basically there are two types of diesel generators: open frame and close frame. Close frame is also known as silent generators. Silent means it does not make noise. This type of generator is mostly used for residential purpose. This can satisfy the basic necessities like fridge, pumps, television, microwave and lights. Large diesel engine generators can be used for heavy loads like pumps, dryers and whole home heating and air conditioner.

While selecting a backup system do careful preparation. Learn to operate the system in advance. During power failure, you may not be able to find suitable, reasonably priced equipment, fuel and installation. Buy a system that is simple to operate and maintain. A backup system should power most efficient appliances. Diesel generators can be used for many years and does not require spark plugs to replace or carburetors to rebuild and service but gasoline is used for emergency power supply.